Reservation Rates

Whether you’re an event producer, local business looking to host a company gathering, or an individual looking for a place to celebrate with your family, we have reservation rates that will match your budget.

Centennial Plaza, located in the heart of Downtown Canton’s Special Improvement District is the perfect venue, with state of the art, one-of-a-kind amenities; stunning views of historic downtown, and multiple programmatic options built for events of all types. We offer competitive pricing for event reservations with options for non-profit organizations, Stark County businesses – residents, schools or organizations.

CategoryMain StageEvent LawnRotunda StageSocial Garden4th StreetEntire PlazaEntire Site
Canton Non-profit$125$250$50$50$125$500$1,000
Non-profit Outside of Canton$250$500$100$100$250$1,000$2,000
Schools and Government$125$250$50$50$125$500$1,000
Schools Outside of Canton$250N/A$100$100$250$1,000$2,000
Individuals, Canton Residents and Stark County Residents$125$250$50$50$125$500$1,000
Individuals, Non-County Residents$250$500$100$100$250$1,000$2,000
For Profit Company$500$1,000$200$200$500$2,000$4,000
Non-commercial Photo or Video Shoot (exclusive daily rate)$125$250$50$50N/A$500N/A
Commercial Photo or Video Shoot (exclusive rate)$250$500$100$100N/A$1,000N/A
Jerzee's Café

* ‘Entire Plaza’ refers to the internal realm bound by Court Avenue NW to the West, Market Avenue N to the East, 4th Street NW to the North and 3rd Street NW to the South.

* ‘Entire Site’ refers to the entirety of the internal plaza realm, 4th and 3rd Streets NW. The streets will be temporarily closed to through traffic for the event.

* Direct Costs – are defined as all fees associated with having an event in Centennial Plaza, except for the actual Reservation Rates.